Why Choose Us?

Here at the Dog & Cat store we passionately specialise in Natural, Holistic, Organic treats for your best friend

We also pride our selves on personalised service and will happily talk to you before and after your purchase.

Great selection of quality,healthy food for dogs and cats. Service is the best in the world 

Weronika Tillmar


About Us

Taco & Thomas

store owners

We are avid believers that our pets deserve the best that we are able to provide them. In today's world there is no need to feed your best friend low grade food that's full of cheap and nasty fillers like corn, wheat, soy and other bulking agents.

We have sourced what we think is a great range from budget friendly right up to simply the best you can feed your pet.

All our stock is either made in Australia or New Zealand, which means nothing is radiated and the source of the actual ingredients can be followed right back to the farming region.